Strategic Technology Enabled Initiatives

Office of Knowledge, Information and Data Services
Kentucky Department of Education



Unbridled Learning

Kentucky public schools and districts are now accountable for educating children under a new system called Unbridled Learning: College/Career-
Readiness for All. It includes multiple measures that
take into account all areas of a school’s work.
Unbridled Learning is designed to promote
continuous improvement in our schools and
districts. Results will be reported in a
transparent and timely way.

Digital Learning & Access

Our goal is to ensure that ALL students and adults in Kentucky
are digital learners. ALL should have access to the digital
tools and resources available, and utilize technology
appropriately, responsibly, and for personalized learning
tasks. The focus on 21st Century Skills recognizes
that it is not enough for Kentucky’s Next Generation
Learners to be technology literate to
succeed – they must be fluent.

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Continuous Instructional Improvement Technology System

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